New Blog Coming Soon

24 Jul

Hey gang, just wanted to prepare you for our new blog coming very very soon! Until then, find us on Pinterest!


Happy 4th!

4 Jul

Rory Beca Drape Front Hess Gown in Lily at Social Dress Shop on Sale

Our Fourth of July ensemble involves a heavy dose of Cali cool Rory Beca in the Rory Beca Hess Drape Front Maxi Dress in Lily and a few of our favorite Loren Hope Lindsey Bracelets!

{also included: Vix Striped Bikini; Bando Bobbi Pin; Kate Spade Tote; Joie Sandals}

Stay Safe loves!

Everyday I’m…

27 Jun

Rory Beca Opus Wrap Gown in Grigio at Social Dress Shopwearing maxi dresses. And these Sam Edelman Crystal Sandals.

Sam Edelman Crystal Sandals

Today, this is my ensemble. It’s the best I could do.  It’s Thursday, after all.

A little change of pace, hello world

24 Jun

Since starting Social Dress Shop, I have been very much behind the scenes and not so much in front of the camera. I mean, we have beautiful models for a reason…who wants to know about me? OK, I guess a lot of you. I have had so many requests to learn more about me…and many of you have commented that you miss my old blog (that I wrote for 3 years!).

So today, I am sort of starting a new. And would love for you to follow my journey of owning Social Dress Shop…and seeing what I am wearing/doing/thinking of most days. I mean who doesn’t love that? I’m a leo, so it’s sort of always about me.

Sidenote: Often I hear ladies tell me how gorgeous my dresses are, but they have no place to wear them. OK I totally hear that. Here’s the thing, you do though. Today I am sitting at my desk all day long, so I didn’t wash my hair or anything (it’s not Wednesday) but I did manage to wear a pretty dress, cute flats and a statement necklace without looking like a fool. If you just put a little fanciness on, I promise it will put a little pep in your step!

Plenty by Tracy Reese Tent Dress

Dress//Necklace//Nail Polish

Hunter Dixon Black Aztec Scuba Dress & Markie Maxi

12 Jun

Hunter Dixon Ikat Aztec Scuba Tulip Black Dress

Hunter Dixon Aztec Scuba Dress

Hunter Dixon Markie Maxi Dress in Blue/Black at Social Dress ShopHunter Dixon Markie Maxi Dress in Perfect Blue/Black

Seriously Hunter, its an all out obsession!

Hunter Dixon at Social Dress Shop

11 Jun

This week on our blog, we are featuring the fabulous winner of NBC’s Design Star, Hunter Bell for Hunter Dixon! Hunter is a Southern girl by birth and a NYC designer by spirit and we cannot get enough of her designs!

Did you catch the Hunter Dixon Aztec Dress?

Hunter Dixon Aztec Ikat Dress at Social Dress Shop


Doesn’t this gorgeous ikat print make you want to go to work? OK, maybe it wont have us wishing for Monday, but it sure will make it a lot better!

Why Social Dress Shop Sells American Made Goods

20 May

It was this time last year when my dreams started to come to reality. The idea of Social Dress Shop became no longer a daydream, and more of a 24/7 ball of excitement, work and more work. I wanted to make Social Dress Shop different, and I wanted to be 100% proud of my business because I believe that if you don’t love it, you won’t do it. I sometimes catch myself out of breath when I start talking about how much I LOVE what I do. I wish you could feel it, maybe you can. And if you can, then I couldn’t be more proud.

One of the pillars of the Social Dress Shop plan is to constantly find new designers that make the challenging and passionately driven decision to produce in the USA. These designers deserve to be held to a different standard, above all of the cheaply made “fast fashion” crap that is out there.

Let me tell you why it is SO important to purchase American made goods. Oh I even made a brightly colored info-graphic to entice you! Don’t judge me, it was my first time and took me an embarrassingly long time to do it.

why you should buy American Made Goods

And if that doesn’t convince you, how about this recent tragedy OR this one? Just two examples of workers losing their lives due to unsafe working conditions. Whether or not the companies that are hiring these factories “knew” about these safety violations is a null point. Aldous Huxley wrote: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored “.  Have you ever thought about the effect of the clothing that hangs in your closet?

Here is a list of our designers who proudly manufacture in the US:

81 Poppies


Contrarian NY

Heidi Merrick

Hunter Dixon


Loren Hope

Rory Beca*


*Produces some in the US, and some abroad

So bottom line is, your bottom line. I get it, these US made goods can be pricier. But that money you pay goes to FAIR wages and FAIR treatment of American made workers.

So all I ask is the next time you go into Fast Fashion store or shop with them online, truly understand the reason the items are made so cheaply, aside from the actual product BEING cheap.

The market goes where the consumer goes, so stand up with your dollars and contribute to these American made goods. Your purchases truly do make the difference.